Sam Adams Commercials Make Me Want to Work There

This is the new Sam Adams Alpine Spring. I approve.

There are very few commercials nowadays that make me go “Yes, that was a quality advertisement.” Any ad for medication has random people with supposedly uplifting music, and then a 3-minute list of side effects that freak me out more than what was initially wrong with them. I still don’t understand why they are trying to market Miller Lite as a “manly beverage.” It’s a lite beer that tastes like water, but it gets the job done, just own up to it. The Super Bowl commercials this year were quite the pitiful bunch. Especially that Clint Eastwood ad. Seriously, I don’t even remember what that was for. I just remember being super creeped out by Clint Eastwood and thinking that he sounded like Batman. He’s getting super old…

However, every Sam Adams commercial is awesome. Seriously, think about it. And they not only make me to want to drink their beer, but they make me want to work there. They all look like they are having so much fun making beer. They care about what they’re doing–every employee, no matter what department, has to learn how to brew beer. And they designed a freakin glass to maximize the Boston Lager flavor! They have a cool chart for it, too. Plus they get to drink beer in the middle of the day. Who doesn’t want that, besides silly people who don’t like beer? But they are silly. Like my sister. I need to get her to try Leinenkugel Summer Shandy, because it basically tastes like lemonade… It could be a good gateway beer. I’m drinking the new Alpine Spring right now, and it is so good. I think I bought a six pack within 2 days of seeing the commercial. Then again, I’m very susceptible to quality advertising.

I think I will make Sam Adams my retirement career. I should probably put in my application now, because I can’t be the only one that feels this way.


5 thoughts on “Sam Adams Commercials Make Me Want to Work There

  1. I visited the Sam Adams brewery when I was in Boston a few years ago and I saw the two brewer guys there. It was a great beer sanctuary and they are a great company anyways. They contribute funds to the graveyard in Boston where Samuel Adams is buried and they do a lot for home brewers across the country, of which my dad is one, so I think it’s really cool. Yay Sam Adams!


  2. I totally agree about the quality of advertising! It’s terrible. It’s actually quite offensive, when you think about it; many assume the viewers are dumb. Frustrating! I was a marketing major in college and took an advertising course that was fantastic. Part of it was watching ads from all over the world…and let me tell you, there are some crazy ones out there!

    As for the Superbowl ads this year: I also agree! SOO boring, and I really hated the fact that there were so many “previews” in the few weeks prior to the game, what’s the point of showing the commercial beforehand? They’ll still have to pay the million-dollar-plus fee for the ad spot. (My favorite “preview” was the VW commercial where the dogs are barking out the “Imperial March”) And that Clint Eastwood one? I don’t remember what it was for either, but my boyfriend said the exact same thing: he sounded like Batman! Too funny.

    Sam Adams is great stuff, and with your glowing endorsement, I’ll have to check out Alpine Spring. (I’m a native Bostonian and I am ashamed to say I still have yet to take a tour of the factory…we always talk about doing it, but never do…I’m making it mandatory this summer…done!)

    Sorry for such a long comment! 🙂


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