Coffee of the Saturday

Hello, beautiful

This is Caribou Coffee. Do you need a moment to take it in? Go ahead, I thought you might.

This place makes me so happy. It’s about 15 minutes away from our apartment, so sometimes I make up an excuse to be in the area. Today it was to mail some packages. I’m really bad at mailing things. One package was to my sister, who left her teddy bear and favorite bracelet here when she last visited, and the other was to my grandmother. I am a horrible grandchild and have been meaning to send her an album of wedding photos for the past….7-8 months (I was trying to remember when we got our wedding photos back. I scrunched my face up and had to say the months in order in my head to count. Do you ever do that? I have to do it when alphabetizing things too, I sing that whole damn abc song in my head).

Anyhoo, I went to Caribou today. It is soooo good, even after the ice melts. I don’t know how they do that. It must be magic. I also needed to get coffee stat because while on the elliptical this morning (okay, I slept until noon, so it was actually this afternoon) I started to get that 2:30 feeling. Not the stupid one in all of those 5 hour energy commercials where they fall asleep on the mail cart. The 2:30 feeling you get when you are a caffeine addict and haven’t had coffee all day. That caffeine headache that pulses all through your head. It sucks. I needed something to alleviate this, and I wanted Caribou. I didn’t get a picture of it until I got home, so it’s half empty. But look how pretty it is anyway! It’s also got a cool shadow on it because the sun is shining very brightly into our apartment. It’s gorgeous outside. I want spring to come!! I could go on about that, too, but I’ll save it for later 🙂

large iced white mocha w/skim milk



10 thoughts on “Coffee of the Saturday

  1. I actually need some more time to take it in.

    There, all better. Daymn, I know what you mean about it still being good even after the ice melts! I wish there were Caribou locations in Maine. Sorry, now I need some more time…sniff…..


  2. I grew up outside of Cleveland and most my fam still lives in and around. Caribou has been voted as the best in the city for years running. LOVE that place – and got super excited when they started selling k-cups. It was a defining point in me buying a kuerig.


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