Coffee of the Day

Triple espresso con panna w/1 pump white mocha. Trust me.

First of all, thank you to all my new followers and readers of the blog since yesterday. It’s really exciting to know that people relate to the crazy shit going through my head all day!

Second of all, if you’ve never had really good straight espresso, you are missing out. It is truly a heavenly experience. If I lived in Europe, I would basically just be sitting at a cafe sipping espresso all day. In this fantasy, I apparently don’t have a job or anything to do during the daytime other than drink espresso. Glad we clarified that.

Because I don’t live in Europe and only have 15 minutes in the morning to pop out and grab my coffee, I head to Starbucks. Their espresso isn’t bad (I’ve gotten straight espresso on numerous occasions) but I usually like to have a little sugary kick to go with it. Cue the white mocha syrup and whipped cream. Yum. You’ll feel like an idiot ordering it, but like my friend Ally, you will get hooked really quickly. Then, after you’ve stopped in on your way to work every day ordering this, they will create a special button on the register just for your triple espresso con panna with 1 pump white mocha.

Seriously, that happened. She noticed one day that they started hitting only one button instead of six. Awesome day.


9 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day

    1. Thank you twice 🙂
      Most espresso from big coffee chains is super bitter. Give it another chance at a small coffee shop or cafe or something. Or continue to douse your coffee with sugar, I obviously have no problem with that option!


  1. My thoughts: I don’t like Starbucks. I call it starbuck. One good think is that you can now drink your coffee out of a ceramic mug. I hate paper taste.

    Also, today I was thinking about coffee: Why is it so good? Why?


    1. Haha honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of Starbucks, but I like leaving the office and talking to the baristas. It’s my little ritual. If you haven’t had Caribou Coffee and they have it in your area, you should try it. They are amaaazing.
      Probably because it’s a legal addictive stimulant…. haha


  2. Glad to know there is someone out there as crazy as me about caffeine!

    Espresso con panna is one of my favorites to make at my machine at home but I’m always afraid to get it at Starbucks. I’m definitely going to try the white mocha pump! Thanks!

    Oh, and love the blog! 🙂


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