Coffee of the Day

triple venti skim pumpkin spice latte

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I could drink these all year long. I’ve tried pumpkin spice lattes at lots of other places, and the only one I like is Starbucks’. I think it’s because it isn’t as sweet as it is everywhere else. I get to a point where it’s just too much sugar. I like to still be able to taste the coffee, even when I get a sweet drink. That’s why I usually end up getting extra shots in things.

Did you know that in a grande and venti hot drink at Starbucks, there’s only 2 shots in each? I don’t understand why they do that. There is more milk in the venti, ergo it will taste completely different from the grande as far as the milk to espresso ratio. Seriously, why don’t they put 3 shots in? There’s 3 shots in the iced venti because it’s “four ounces bigger,” but ya know what? They usually fill those four ounces with ice anyway, so I don’t see why they suddenly realize that they should put another shot in it. Look at the menu. That’s why an iced venti drink is more expensive than a hot venti. What a rip off.

At Caribou (which I haven’t done a coffee of the day post for yet because there isn’t one by my office so I only get it on the weekends) they put 3 shots in a hot large and 4 shots in an iced large. And they melt real chocolate into their specialty drinks. I’m just sayin’. Get your shit together, Starbucks.

And so ends my rant for the day.

Nope, I lied. They gave me a love cup today. Not yesterday, though. K, now I’m done.


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