I <3 My Bangs

Yep. I'm obsessed.

I love my bangs. A lot. Enough to blog about them, apparently. The trick is to keep them long. If they don’t go past my eyebrows with a little bit of volume in them, I look like a crazy 10-year-old. These could even do with a trim, but I’m still in love. The past few Novembers, I’ve cut what I like to call my “winter bangs.” It’s a very exciting time. During the summer, it is too hot in this damn city to keep them looking nice for more than five minutes after I step out of my apartment.  So I grow them out for awhile, try to kid myself into thinking that it could look good if I grew them out completely, then see a picture of myself, go “ew,” and b-line straight to the salon. This was the picture that did it for me this year:

Seriously, I look lopsided.

An otherwise lovely picture of me and my sister (who has an adorable swoop going on right here) in one of the happiest places on Earth (i.e. the Wizarding World of Harry Potter) and all I can focus on is how the left side of my hair has completely taken over my face. Not cool, hair. I believe I went in to see my stylist not 2 days after I got home. Thank God for my winter bangs. I really think they suit my face. The Hubbster says they’re cute too, which always helps.

Fun fact about the above photo: I took it not five minutes ago while sitting at my desk. It was very awkward looking and took a few minutes for me to get right. I was laughed at, and rightly so.


3 thoughts on “I <3 My Bangs

  1. Very cute bangs! I’m a fan of the fringe. (What we call it here in the UK!) I’ve been toying with getting mine cut in again, but I’m never very confidant of doing the in-between proper hair cut fringe cuts by myself. I usually look a bit Spock like. Which is tragic.


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