Dear Hubbster

Heart Of Sand

Dear Hubbster,

It’s been 9 months and 28 days since we got married. It doesn’t feel like it, does it? Sometimes I still feel like we just started dating. But since then, we’ve gone to college, broken up 3 times (they just didn’t take), graduated, gotten engaged, moved across the country with no jobs or money, somehow made it work, planned a wedding, got married, and we still like each other. Not only do we like each other, but I somehow manage to love you more every day. I know that sounds cheesy and cliche, but it’s true. Every morning when I wake up and reach out to touch your shoulder, it bumps up a notch.

I tried to tell you all of this last night, but you don’t take compliments well. It’s annoying actually. I know I don’t take them well either, but I feel the need to tell you what an awesome husband and human being you are and how lucky I am to be sharing my life with you. I told you I could give you 80,000 reasons why I love you, and you didn’t believe me. So here is me starting, in no particular order. Hopefully I’ll complete the list sometime around our 40th wedding anniversary.

1. You yell at the television during sporting events as if they can hear you. I find it adorable.

2. You never think anyone my sister dates is good enough for her. You have always been her big brother.

3. You appreciate it when I cook for you. Whenever we sit down to dinner you say “Thank you for cooking, baby!”

4. You know that when I point to my forehead it means you’re supposed to kiss it.

5. Before we left for college (i.e. before we broke up the first time) you texted me saying you couldn’t listen to Jet anymore, because “Look What You’ve Done” made you too depressed.

6. Even if I’m running late in the morning, you still wait for me to walk to the train.

7. When I go to bed after you, you roll over and pull me in really close. Sometimes you even kiss my shoulder, even though you’re dead asleep.

8. When I’m in a show, you see it at least once every weekend.

9. You don’t mind that I get Starbucks every day, because you know it makes me happy.

10. We can have an entire conversation using movie/TV quotes (usually Aaron Sorkin) and other people think we’re forming original thoughts.

11. You ranted about me naming our couch Edna, but within a month you were calling her Edna too.

12. You genuinely wanted to be involved in planning the wedding.

13. This was your status the day we got married and I was freaking out because it was going to rain: “There could be a hurricane today and I’d still be the happiest person in the world, because today I marry my best friend.”

14. You made this face when I started walking down the aisle:

Cutest. Husband. Ever.

10 thoughts on “Dear Hubbster

  1. Very sweet. A newly wed friend once told me (before I was married to my husband, then fiance) that being married was amazing. I wanted so much to believe her but I wasn’t sure if it was just newly wed excitement talking…5 years later I still believe her : )
    Laura V.


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