Three of my dry skin faves

Bio Oil, Cetaphil, and CO Bigelow Power Berry Mask. Life savers.

Below are a list of three products I have become OBSESSED with this winter. My skin is super oily in the summer, but in the winter it calms down a lot. The scrubs that I use every day when it’s 85 degrees and 90% humidity (DC was literally built on top of a swamp) start to dry out my skin too much. So, to keep it moisturized and breakout free (does anybody’s skin ever stop having the occasional flare up?!) I’ve put these products into heavy rotation. The Hubbster even uses them, and loves them. Men won’t usually go out in search of skin care products. But I’ve learned that if it’s in the shower/vanity already, they’ll usually give it a chance.

Life Saver #1: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

My sister claims that we used this at one point or another on a recommendation from someone with gorgeous skin. I recently started using it because of a Glamour article about Olivia Wilde’s skin care routine. I don’t really find her as attractive as everyone else, but I’ve got to admit, the girl’s got great skin. Plus, I was looking for a gentle cleanser as an alternative to my Neutrogena Visibly Even (which I swear by in hotter months). So, I decided to give Cetaphil a shot, and it is amazing. It’s so gentle; it doesn’t irritate my skin at all or make me break out. And I exit the shower without that tight, dry feeling. $5.99 at Target and worth every penny!

Life Saver #2: Bio-Oil

This was an interesting find. I originally purchased it to use on some scars. In addition to greatly reducing their appearance without causing breakouts, I discovered multiple uses for it. It is great as a nighttime moisturizer. If the Hubbster’s face is feeling a little dry, he’ll put a little all over before bed. It’s also great on irritated (but not cut) areas from shaving. If your skin gets cracked or itchy, dab a little on post-shave, it makes a ton of difference! It’s $11.29 at Target for the 2 oz bottle. If you think the bottle looks small, don’t fret. I’ve had this bottle for like 2 months, and it’s still almost full!

Life Saver #3: C.O. Bigelow Power Berry Mask

I. Love. This. Mask. So. Much. Seriously. I cannot stress how awesome this mask is. It is technically an anti-aging mask, but ya know what? I don’t care if I’m only 24. I’d like to prevent aging, too. Once everything is saggy and wrinkly, you’ve already lost the battle. (Speaking of which, you’re supposed to start using night cream when you’re 21, at least around your eyes. I like these: heavier and lighter). Anyhoo. This mask is amazing. It’s full of vitamins and anti-oxidants, and it smells delicious. Put this on for 15-20 minutes before bedtime after a stressful day, and you’ll see a visible difference in the morning. It’s a little pricier: $18 at Bath & Body Works, but it’s so worth it.


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