Coffee of the Saturday

Mommy: Iced decaf skim white chocolate mocha. Jenny: Grande skim pumpkin spice latte


It’s really my mom’s fault that I am so addicted to coffee. It is an essential half of our happy place. The other half is being at Oakbrook. For those of you not familiar with the Chicago area, this is an awesome outdoor mall, and on several occasions we have gone straight there after she’s picked me up from the airport. We go to Oakbrook, find our parking space (it’s in the same row every time), grab our coffee and take our usual route around the mall. Sometimes we buy a lot. Sometimes we don’t buy anything. But we always have fun!

In the absence of Oakbrook (i.e. when my family is visiting to see me in my play) we just get coffee, and it is extra yummy πŸ™‚



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