Whatever happened to Facebook groups? And other things that annoy me…

Disclaimer: This may have turned into a college nostalgia piece. I’m not really sure how, but just go with it, k? K.

Now, I’m not saying that I miss being a part of numerous Facebook groups at all. I belonged to a gazillion of them and I don’t think I ever did anything with them. No… that’s a lie. I did add photos and stuff to a group that I created for my London study abroad group so we could attempt to stay friends. We didn’t. Well, we’re still Facebook friends. But that doesn’t count. Every once in awhile I go through and weed out people I either haven’t talked to since high school, didn’t really ever talk to in high school, or can’t even connect a name to how I could possibly know them. Though, I always feel bad when I de-friend someone I remember. Because I have been de-friended by several people (I won’t mention names, but they’re all people I have made out with at some point in my history) and I was quite offended! I would say you know who you are, but you probably don’t, because if we’re not even “Facebook friends” I doubt you read my blog. Piddle.

Remember the early days of Facebook? There were no parents, no ads, no apps, superpoke or newsfeed. One of the most exciting things about going to orientation the summer before freshman year was getting your college email address so you could go home and sign up for Facebook. We immediately uploaded all our prom pictures, and friended every cute guy/girl that had anything in common with us before we even hit campus.

Now I’m back to my original thought: groups. Along with friending everyone left and right, I joined a buttload of groups. The names always cracked me up. Here are some faves that I remember: 1) I know all the words to “Konstantine” 2)I’ve seen a Facebook friend on campus or at a party and didn’t say Hi because it was awkward 3)Everything I need to know I learned from “Roswell”

I’m sure there were other good ones, but these are what stuck in my memory for the past like….5 years. Wow, I feel old. It seems like just yesterday I was a young whipper snapper going to my first frat party, chugging cold Natty Light and trying not to embarrass myself at the beer pong table.

I do have to admit that I like some of the changes. Newsfeed makes it much easier to stalk people. That’s a plus. And while I still don’t really like the whole timeline thing, I definitely spent a solid hour (fine, 2) reading all of my wall posts from college. A girl in my dorm freshman year would call me J-Balls. I had completely forgotten about that. Good times. But then they opened up Facebook to the whole world (i.e. parents) and we had to stop swearing and posting pictures that included, but was not limited to: drunkenness, semi-nudity, nudity, drugs, theft, and various other shenanigans.

Ohhhh the shenanigans. Part of me really wants to go back to sophomore/junior year. Why? Because I had a really awesome and established group of friends, could always get access to alcohol, and still had “loads of time” before graduation. I could list all of the shenanigans that made my friends awesome, and I actually started to but decided to delete it, for 2 reasons. 1) there were too many and it was becoming lengthy 2) most of them were kind of really inappropriate to put on something that I know my parents are reading. It’s like Facebook all over again!


I love them all.

The best part though? We’re still just as crazy whenever we get together. Proof? At Craig & Caitlin’s wedding, we broke into the pool at 3am and played chicken in our underwear. Bam.

All those who flew to DC for me & the Hubbster 🙂

I’ll just say this, to whoever may understand it: Glen made out with Nina.



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