Coffee of the Day

Grande skim cappuccino

I know I got this yesterday, but it was really good. I wanted it again, so sue me. It was a little heavy on the foam today. I could tell by the weight. Yeah, I’m that person. But the barista was super chipper, so I wasn’t going to say anything. Ahhh who am I kidding? I never say anything. Even when it sucks I don’t say anything. I just drink it. But in my head I just keep thinking “I’ve had your job, it’s not that hard!” Hm. Maybe I have issues with confrontation…

I was also going to get a raspberry scone, but when I ordered, she said “You’re getting skim milk and then ruining it with a scone?” She was right. And I told her to never let me order a scone, because while they are delicious they are like a gazillion calories and I won’t feel good after I eat it. I will feel ashamed, and still hungry. Not that I’m a huge calorie counter, I just know how many calories are in that scone which makes me feel guilty when I eat it. It’s why I can’t eat pastries from Au Bon Pain anymore either. They put the calories on a sign right in front of the pastry! When I saw that the chocolate croissant was 800+ calories I just about fainted.

Mmm. Cappuccino.


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