Hello, Bar! It’s nice to see you, too!

This is the face you make when you see this beautiful bar, which is about 4 or 5 of these sections in length.

Last night I ventured into the city for a friend’s birthday. We went to a restaurant called Founding Farmers, which is now on my list of DC faves. They’re all about sustainability in their food, and use a lot of local products (for instance, it said on the menu that my green beans were from Virginia). Sometimes this type of food can be complicated and pretentious. The Hubbster and I went to one in the city last year that was all organic and local and shit, and it was flavorless and over-oiled and gave us both stomach aches (I won’t name the restaurant, because I know other people like it, but we thought it was gross).

Founding Farmers wasn’t pretentious or flavorless. It was AMAZINGGG.

Another view. We were sitting right in front of it. Gorgeous.

The menu is two-sided, one whole side of which is the alcohol menu. It was love at first sight. The bar is all old fashioned, i.e. a lot of their drinks sound like they’re from the 1920s, they make their own syrups, there is a menu section labeled “challenge the bartender.” They also ask you to be patient about your wait time because they take great care and pride in preparing your cocktail. I didn’t mind one bit. My “Fraise Fling” was delicious, and frankly stronger than most pink drinks I get. I became quite chatty halfway through. I will be returning for just cocktails as soon as humanly possible.

Bliss on a plate.

The food was also nothing to sneeze at. I got the catch of the day salmon, simple preparation (they give you different options on how to have the fresh fish cooked) with green beans and sweet potatoes. It was a perfectly cooked piece of fish. I had the leftovers today for lunch, and my taste buds are still singing.


Ally’s diver scallops and risotto were equally tasty. Also, Ally and I are apparently a married couple now. We waited for each other to leave for the restaurant, we brought a joint gift, we got two different cocktails with the intention of sharing them, she knew after taking her first sip that I wouldn’t like hers, and we ate off each other’s plates without asking. Please send all belated gifts my way.

Recap: You should check this restaurant out. I may dream about it tonight.


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