Coffee of the Day

Grande skim cappuccino

Yes. I am being fancy today. And sugar free. Hello, cappuccino. When I ordered it, she was like “Are you sure you don’t want a pump of something in that?” This is what happens when you order sugar-filled beverages every day for 6 months. But I didn’t feel like a sugary drink today. Plus, one of my favorite baristas was on the bar today. It is very important that you trust your barista when ordering a cappuccino, because not all baristas make good foam. Things you (should) learn when you work at Starbucks:  Ideally, a cappuccino is supposed to be equal parts foam and milk. If you free pour the milk immediately after it has come to the desired temperature you get the best results. If milk sits in the pitcher for a minute after it is steamed, all the foam will rise to the top.

Anyhoo… I felt like a cappuccino today. In my “love” cup.


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