Coffee of the Day

Grande skim peppermint mocha in a Valentine's Day cup πŸ™‚

For some reason they only have the special “love” cups in grande sizes. It’s decided. I’m only getting grandes for the next week. I really like this cup. It makes me happy. Something I say a lot (that my friend Ashton likes to repeat) is “I love love.” Sorry for the sap, but I do. It makes me happy to see my friends in love, and it makes me happy to go home to the U.S.S. Hubbster every day. It’s just nice.

Anyhoooo I got a peppermint mocha today, because when we were walking to Starbucks it was really windy, which made me cold, which made me want a peppermint mocha. Pretty good logic, right? I thought so, too.

Random: If you haven’t tried their Blonde roast yet, you should. It’s much better than the Pike (which I think is gross) and it isn’t as burned as all their other beans. Yes, Starbucks, you over-roast your beans. It’s why so many people don’t like your regular coffees. But you probably don’t care, because you’re too busy overcharging me for espresso anyway. You know I’m hooked. Damn you.


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