Coffee of the Day

Triple venti skim pumpkin spice latte

Grr. They were supposed to put whipped cream on it. See the little +wc in the custom box? That means with whipped cream, because normally people who get skim milk also don’t want the fat from the whipped cream. I find that the skim milk and whipped cream balance each other out 🙂 But alas, when I got to my desk and took a sip, it was all foam. Fail.

Oh well. I am still pretty sleepy, even after consuming half of my 3 espresso shots. My show opened this weekend. After rehearsing Mon-Thurs (fondly known as Hell Week) and then doing shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I am beat. I also may have accidentally on purpose gotten a wee bit tipsy during the Superbowl last night…


One thought on “Coffee of the Day

  1. These posts make me laugh! I worked at Starbucks for three years, and even though I used to gripe about many of the customers, I’ve become one. You go there expecting your amazing cup of perfection, every time. And if it’s not right…you have serious cause for disappointment! Now that I’m traveling and Starbucks has become my refuge, it’s even more crucial that they get it right because I never know when I might find another one! I think you might like this post I wrote about Starbucks curing my homesickness:


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