Coffee of the Day

Jenny: Grande skim pumpkin spice latte with whip Cheryl: Venti skim cinnamon dolce white mocha, no whip

Today is cold. This upsets me. Though when I tried to complain to the Hubbster this morning, he said “It’s February, it’s supposed to be cold.” I guess he’s right, though 😦

Cheryl and I braved the cold to go get some warm caffeine. When we left, we realized that two people were breaking up in Starbucks. There were like 20 people in there, and she was crying. Kind of embarrassing, and kind of a rude place to break up with someone. We also realized that they spelled Cheryl’s name wrong. Her name is not spelled “Sharol.” Nor is it spelled “Sherrel” or “Sharell,” but for some reason that’s always how they write her cup.

A new barista once wrote “Jerry” on my cup. That was funny.


One thought on “Coffee of the Day

  1. Just catching up here…I felt so bad for those people breaking up! She looked totally devastated! This was also the best spelling of my name so far…Today Cassandra did mine so it’s spelled right 🙂 XXOO LOVE YA!


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