Things You Learn Living With A Boy: Super Week

So, even though the U.S.S. Hubbster had his brand new iPad and full internet access while abroad the past week and a half, the first thing he did when he came home was turn on ESPN. He loves sports. And I don’t mind because it’s something that makes him happy, like painting my nails and reading Perez Hilton makes me happy. I also do enjoy watching football and hockey and baseball with him. (Not basketball. I hate basketball. The only exciting parts are the last 2 minutes of a close game. The rest of the time they’re just running around like idiots. Think about it.) So I cuddle up next to him and notice something silly about what was on ESPN. The proceeding convo then went something like this:

Me: Wait, is this Super Bowl coverage?

Hubbster: Yeah.

Me: But the Super Bowl is on Sunday.

Hubbster: Yeah. But it’s NFL Live, what else would they be talking about?

Me: But the game isn’t for 4 days. Why is the show on?

Hubbster: Because it’s Super Week.

Me: But why are all those people there?

Hubbster: All the sports radio guys come and broadcast their shows from here, they’ve got booths set up and stuff. It’s Super Week.

Me: But the game isn’t for 4 days! Are they really tailgating for a whole week hoping that they’ll get on camera?!

Hubbster: Yeah, it’s Super Week!


One thought on “Things You Learn Living With A Boy: Super Week

  1. It’s like a big week-long party. Lots of celebrities go, but anyone can attend. Most of the people out there won’t actually go to the game, they will just party and then watch the game at a bar.


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