Indisputable Fact: My Nephew is Adorable

I straight up love this kid.

This is my nephew, Aaron. And let’s get real. This child is friggin adorable. And not just because he sometimes make faces just like the hubbster. They share genes, it’s expected that he will sometimes look like my husband.  Nope. Aaron is adorable. End of story.

Plus, he is already super smart only at 14 months. He will go get a book and bring it to his dad to read to him. His first word (just a few days ago) was dog, in reference to an actual dog! And when he was at the library, he pulled out a book by Warren Buffett. It was totally on purpose. Alright… I might be a little biased since he is my first nephew. But I don’t care. Look at that cuteness!!

Every child should dress up as a pumpkin at some point.

Kudos to my sister-in-law Julie for sitting the pumpkin-clad Aaron between multiple pumpkins (that weren’t much smaller than him). Pure gold. I could just eat him up.

That big smile totally makes up for an inability to keep food off one's face.

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