Crepes are Heavenly. Period.

This one has banana and nutella in it. Nutella is delicious on toast, too.

I love crepes. There is a place on the corner by my office that sells them, and it is awesome. There’s nothing bad about crepes. Seriously, I dare you to name one bad thing about a crepe. Can’t do it, right? It’s impossible. You can put pretty much anything in it. Fruit, meat, eggs, veggies, jam, chocolate, even ice cream! And they’re portable, so you can eat them on the go (or just do like I do and scarf it down at your desk as fast as humanly possible). Delicious.


One thought on “Crepes are Heavenly. Period.

  1. Ah there is a great creperie (which I pronounce crappery cause I am American) called Beau Monde near South St. in Philadelphia. So delicious that just the thought means I now want to brave the cold and the empty bank account to take my wife there for dinner this weekend. Thanks a lot (not sure if that thanks is loaded with sarcasm or true appreciation, but its probably a bit of both).


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