Florence & The Machine tricked me into seeing “Eat Pray Love”

Yes, I’m still a little bit angry about this.

“Dog Days Are Over” just came up on my Pandora. It is an amazing song. It’s upbeat, different,  & makes you want to get up and clap in the middle. Not many songs can do that. Plus Florence Welch’s voice is beyond amazing and I love her.

However, when that song first blew up, it was used in the “Eat, Pray, Love” trailer. Whoever edited that trailer deserves a freaking Oscar. It not only hid the fact that Julia Roberts’ character is whiny as all get out (I love you, Julia, but there was no way for you to save it for me), but it also made it look like there was an actual plot. And thanks to Florence, it looked like a good plot. It looked like a fun adventure/self-discovery movie where you get up in the middle and clap along with the music. False. Lies.

I didn’t even see it in the theaters. I got it from the Red Box, so I only wasted like $2, but still. That’s half of a Starbucks, and now every time I hear that song I think of how much I hated “Eat, Pray, Love.” Damn you, Florence Welch.


2 thoughts on “Florence & The Machine tricked me into seeing “Eat Pray Love”

  1. OMG, I couldn’t agree with you more. Actually, the trailer tricked me into reading the book. Then, after that slightly disappointed me, it tricked me into watching the movie anyways. (The movie can’t be that bad, right? I mean … Julia! … Javier! … Florence + The Machine!) Damn you Florence and your awesome, awesome song.


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